Creating Change

Creating Change Conference

The HEAL Project in collaboration with The National LGBTQ Task Force facilitates the Sexual Healing & Liberation programming at the Creating Change Conference, the largest LGBTQ+ activist gathering in North America. This track is sponsored by the Freeman Foundation as well as Grindr.

2024 Offerings (Jan 17 - 21)

+Opening Cruise | WED Jan 17 10PM-1AM | Sexual Liberation Collective

+Sex. HEAL. Action! Institute | FRI Jan 19 9-3PM | The HEAL Project


  • This Ain't The Love Boat: Transformative Relationships for Abolitionists | WED 1:45-3:00PM | The HEAL Project
  • These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things | WED 1:45-3:00PM | Bishop Howard; Julian Kevon Glover; Tevin Giles
  • Reclaiming Power and Wellness: A Healing Justice Journey for LGBTQ2S BIPOC Folx | WED 1:45-3PM | Anna Meyer & Rox Anderson
  • Decluttering Joy and Pleasure | WED 5:15-6:30PM | Yosenio V Lewis; Sumter Fritag
  • Desire Mapping | SAT 9:00AM-12:15PM (Double Session) | Jaime Grant - Attendees are asked to commit to double session. 
  • Sexy Survivor: Rebuilding Trust | SAT 1:30-2:45PM | The HEAL Project


    • Beginners Polyamory/NM | WED 11:15-12:30PM | Sexual Liberation Collective
    • Intergenerational Sexual Liberation | THU 5-6:15PM | The HEAL Project
    • Trans and Nonbinary Artists of Color: Excellence in Action | THU 5:6:15PM | Rox Anderson
    • Advanced Polyamory/NM | FRI 5:30-6:45PM | Sexual Liberation Collective

History of the Sex Track & Sexual Liberation at Creating Change

Download Material

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  • Black People Who Made Our Sexual Liberation Possible |Personas Negras Que Han Hecho Posible Nuestra Liberación Sexual - (PDF, High-Quality Print) 
  • Sexual Healing & Liberation Glossary |Glosario de Sanación y Liberación Sexual - (PDF, High-Quality Print) 
  • Animals, Whaaa?! |¿Animales Que Qué?! - (PDF, High-Quality Print) 
  • RASHIM & Friends | RASHIM Y Sus Amigues - (PDF, High-Quality Print) 



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