This Webinar Series Has Ended. 

We had ASL interpreters for all sessions.

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Part One | Sunday March 29, 2pm Eastern, on Zoom

Digital Sex; Sexting, Audio, & Video

This session is a fun introduction to the possibilities of using digital platforms for getting it on. We will discuss pros and cons of different modes of cyber communication, accessibility issues of different platforms, and how you can spice up your sexy time using features that different apps and softwares offer. We explore ways to set the mood and get hot and nasty, whether you are texting a sweetie, chatting them up on the phone, or using video calls to leave little for the imagination. Watch on Youtube.

Part Two | Sunday April 5, 2pm Eastern, on Zoom

From Love Letters to Digital Smut

There is so much that goes on between love and smut. We take a historic look at love letters as the earliest form of expression of affection and desire, and discuss ways to bring back this lost art, or spice it up with modern technology, crafts, and creative eroticism. In the age of easy access to all things smutty, we talk about the role of smut and porn in adding extra hotness to cyber fucking. In the spectrum of romantic love to dirty smut, where do you see your desire thrive? Watch on Youtube.

Part Three | Sunday April 12, 2pm Eastern, on Zoom

Anonymity, Digital Roleplay, & Fantasy

Let’s explore the realm of fantasy, roleplay, and the possibilities of cyber connection from anonymous partners to familiar lovers. We discuss how curiosity and desire manifest through our imagination, and how we can explore some of our fantasies in real life, or augment our realities with fantastical thoughts, props, and costumes. As we shelter in place and rely on our devices to find new connections, join us for a frank conversation about safety, trust, and the potential of anonymous fucking. Watch on Youtube.

Part Four | Sunday April 19, 2pm Eastern, on Zoom

Virtual Power Play in the Age of Digital Sex

We tap into a time when the internet brought possibility, wonder and also fear. Virtual kink was the answer for many in the closet unable to venture out to experience. Today, BDSM, kink and the like are more accessible and less taboo. We’re doing it in dungeons at parties and at camp. While in quarantine we find ourselves back on our computers—kneeling or standing— digging into our power play creativity bags, ready for the adventure. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie,  join us as we recall and reimagine Virtual Power Play in the time of COVID/19. Watch on Youtube. 

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