A photograph of Ignacio Rivera. Ignacio is a caramel skin, AFAB, gender fluid, Black-Latinx- Indigenous being. They have very short dark brown hair. They are wearing a red and black dress with a diagonal line pattern. They have red colored glasses and dark brown eyes. They have a septum piercing and nose ring on the right side. They have a tattoo on their chin, starting at the bottom of their lower lip —a red strip that turns black under the chin and reaches their neck-dent. A spider is at the end of the black line inside the neck-dent. They have a chest tattoo that says “Fluid” and several other arm and finger tattoos.
Ignacio G Rivera

Ignacio Rivera and Aredvi Azad offer consulting and training services to projects, organizations, and institutions. Their focus is on intersectional and approaches to healing and recovery. Ignacio & Aredvi offer expert tools, advice, and resources to bring competency around queer and trans identities, people marginalized due to race, age, class, or ability, and survivorship from sexual violence, especially childhood sexual abuse.

A photo of Aredvi Azad. Aredvi is queer and gender-fluid Iranian American. They have short dark brown curly hair. They have a brown mole on their right cheek and have full lips. They are wearing a very short beard. They have a grey jacket on and are standing against a blurred background with a large house plant.
Aredvi Azad

Select Consulting Clients

Logos of multiple different organizations including, National LGBTQ Task Force, me too, Connect, GLSEN, Youth Enrichment Services, Stop it now, National Center for Transgender Equality, Latino Commission on AIDS



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