"The 'Me Too' Movement has had the pleasure of working with The HEAL Project on several endeavors. As consultants, H2E provided a voice and perspective on our Survivor Healing Curriculum that was expansive and intersectional. Their work in CSA prevention provides great insight on power, sex, and healing." ~ Tarana J. Burke | Founder of 'Me Too' Movement

"I extend my sincere gratitude for Ignacio's visit to the University of Michigan. It was clear that Ignacio's speech and personal experiences were impactful to our students. I personally learned a lot from them and appreciated our interactions for the brief time we had together." ~ Mark Chung Kwan Fan, Assistant Director for Engagement | Spectrum Center

"Thank you so much for your shared space today. I found myself shouting "yes!!" at the screen so many times. Your vulnerability, honesty and lack of filter was so helpful and refreshing, your words were crystal-clear and needed, and I agree that this conversation should be shared with everyone in our movement. I especially loved the ask to reframe how we think about sexual liberation, the challenge to our culture's hierarchy of which types of sexual abuse "should" affect us the most, and the very needed push to extend our view of consent in relationships past merely the sexual. You all are brilliant, vivid and wonderful examples of what thriving can look like." ~Jenna Cohan, Sexual & Domestic Violence Program Coordinator | Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

"I really appreciated the space you held for vulnerability and reflection. Thank you for taking care of us as participants. I left with more language for my needs and desires and a renewed intention to reach out to my connections both in gratitude and to ask for what I need. Your work is so appreciated!" ~Fati(they/them) | Workshop Participant

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