The right age to talk about sex.

“Dear Ignacio, what age is the right age to let my kids know how sex works?”

No matter what the #sexuality topic, it is normal for #parents to be worried that they are speaking to their little ones too soon. There are suggested age grids as a guideline for parents, but most importantly, if you have been working on building a strong connection with your child, you know the level of their readiness better than anyone. In knowing them, understanding them, we get a sense of what they can handle, and what they feel better equipped to inquire on their own. When lines of #communication are open, #children feel free to be inquisitive. We don’t have to know the answers; all we have to do is listen, be present, and be #honest. “I actually don’t know. I think I gotta look that up,” is a perfectly reasonable response. Depending on the age of the child and their level of curiosity, you can decide if you want to share more information or leave it there.



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