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2022 Newsletter Archive

#NotForSocialMedia: December Edition

November 2022: I believe in a world without sexual violence. Do you?

#NotForSocialMedia: November Edition

October 2022: Why is our work the future of sexual violence prevention?

#NotForSocialMedia: October Edition

September 2022: How are you practicing your abolitionist values?

#NotForSocialMedia: September Edition

August 2022: What is your Family Dirt?!

#NotForSocialMedia: August Edition

#NotForSocialMedia: July Edition

#NotForSocialMedia: June Edition

May 2022: What if feeling frustrated wasn't part of fundraising...

#NotForSocialMedia: May Edition

April 2022: Healing from violence isn't about having sex again.

#NotForSocialMedia: April Edition

March 2022: How accountable and sex savvy were you as a young person?

#NotForSocialMedia: March Edition

February 2022: What comes after sexual assault awareness? We say healing!

January 2022: All we want for 2022 is Just Healing

2021 Newsletter Archive

November 2021: Do you put your money where your CAUTION is?!

October 2021: Do You Know Any Male and Masculine Survivors?

September 2021: Discover YOUR Roadmap For Sexual Healing

August 2021: Is it a good idea to be friends with your co-workers? 

July 2021: When Survivors Heal Themselves AND The World

June 2021: Celebrating Pride without the pesky Capitalism of it all!

May 2021: May the Mental Health Awareness Month be with you!

April 2021: We can't say "sex" no more

March 2021: Bad Survivors Are Here To Stay!

February 2021: Bring a bucket & a mop for this analysis of WAP!

January 2021: Is there an appropriate way to have a relationship with your student?

2020 Newsletter Archive

December 2020: Winter Healing After A Year of Resistance

November 2020: Let's Get Our Kids Talking About Media

October 2020: 'I May Destroy You' Did Not Destroy Me

September 2020 (Special Edition): Harnessing The Healing Power of Pause

August 2020: Police Can't Save Children from Sexual Abuse. But, We must.

July 2020: Responding to Sexual Violence Without State Intervention

June 2020: Race: The Other 4 Letter Word

May 2020: How To Get Away With Murder

April 2020: Caution: Unrestricted!

March 2020: Sex, Virus, & Bigotry

February 2020: Staying Accountable in the Face of Secondary Trauma

January 2020: That Time My Daughter Asked About Kink 

2019 Newsletter Archive

December 2019: Doing Better For Our Children
November 2019: The Lies We Tell Our Children
October 2019: Puerto Rico, Here We Come!
September 2019: How My Daughter Found Out I Was Queer
​August 2019: Toxic Masculinity Impacts Everyone
July 2019: What's "Pure Love" Got to Do With It



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