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2024 Newsletter Archive

Practicing Appreciation for the hurt ego June Edition

Foraging Curiousity not Mushrooms May Edition

9.5 Reasons to Watch Caution with Us

Join Us for Sexual Healing Month Events

Sewing Pain into Pride April Edition

Sexual Healing Month Caution Watch Parties

A few psychedelic popcorn March Edition

Grief is a bitch February Edition

2024 is not the year of the sloth, but why not? January Edition

2022 Newsletter Archive

#NotForSocialMedia: December Edition

November 2022: I believe in a world without sexual violence. Do you?

#NotForSocialMedia: November Edition

October 2022: Why is our work the future of sexual violence prevention?

#NotForSocialMedia: October Edition

September 2022: How are you practicing your abolitionist values?

#NotForSocialMedia: September Edition

August 2022: What is your Family Dirt?!

#NotForSocialMedia: August Edition

#NotForSocialMedia: July Edition

#NotForSocialMedia: June Edition

May 2022: What if feeling frustrated wasn't part of fundraising...

#NotForSocialMedia: May Edition

April 2022: Healing from violence isn't about having sex again.

#NotForSocialMedia: April Edition

March 2022: How accountable and sex savvy were you as a young person?

#NotForSocialMedia: March Edition

February 2022: What comes after sexual assault awareness? We say healing!

January 2022: All we want for 2022 is Just Healing

2021 Newsletter Archive

November 2021: Do you put your money where your CAUTION is?!

October 2021: Do You Know Any Male and Masculine Survivors?

September 2021: Discover YOUR Roadmap For Sexual Healing

August 2021: Is it a good idea to be friends with your co-workers? 

July 2021: When Survivors Heal Themselves AND The World

June 2021: Celebrating Pride without the pesky Capitalism of it all!

May 2021: May the Mental Health Awareness Month be with you!

April 2021: We can't say "sex" no more

March 2021: Bad Survivors Are Here To Stay!

February 2021: Bring a bucket & a mop for this analysis of WAP!

January 2021: Is there an appropriate way to have a relationship with your student?

2020 Newsletter Archive

December 2020: Winter Healing After A Year of Resistance

November 2020: Let's Get Our Kids Talking About Media

October 2020: 'I May Destroy You' Did Not Destroy Me

September 2020 (Special Edition): Harnessing The Healing Power of Pause

August 2020: Police Can't Save Children from Sexual Abuse. But, We must.

July 2020: Responding to Sexual Violence Without State Intervention

June 2020: Race: The Other 4 Letter Word

May 2020: How To Get Away With Murder

April 2020: Caution: Unrestricted!

March 2020: Sex, Virus, & Bigotry

February 2020: Staying Accountable in the Face of Secondary Trauma

January 2020: That Time My Daughter Asked About Kink 

2019 Newsletter Archive

December 2019: Doing Better For Our Children
November 2019: The Lies We Tell Our Children
October 2019: Puerto Rico, Here We Come!
September 2019: How My Daughter Found Out I Was Queer
​August 2019: Toxic Masculinity Impacts Everyone
July 2019: What's "Pure Love" Got to Do With It



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