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About Us


At the The HEAL Project, we work to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse (CSA) through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation.

Who We Are

A photograph of Ignacio Rivera. Ignacio is a caramel skin, AFAB, gender fluid, Black-Latinx- Indigenous being. They have very short dark brown hair. They are wearing a red and black dress with a diagonal line pattern. They have red colored glasses and dark brown eyes. They have a septum piercing and nose ring on the right side. They have a tattoo on their chin, starting at the bottom of their lower lip —a red strip that turns black under the chin and reaches their neck-dent. A spider is at the end of the black line inside the neck-dent. They have a chest tattoo that says “Fluid” and several other arm and finger tattoos.

Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera (they/them)

M.A., is a cultural sociologist with expertise in sexual trauma, healing, and liberation for marginalized people. They are an internationally known gender non-conforming speaker, trainer, and consultant. Ignacio uses they/them/their is the Founder and Co-Executive Director at The HEAL Project. For bio, CV, & promotional photos go here. 

A photo of Aredvi Azad. Aredvi is queer and gender-fluid Iranian American. They have short dark brown curly hair. They have a brown mole on their right cheek and have full lips. They are wearing a very short beard. They have a grey jacket on and are standing against a blurred background with a large house plant.

Aredvi Azad (they/them)

is an educator, speaker, and trainer in sexual healing & liberation. As a queer & trans/non-binary Irani-American immigrant, Aredvi has been speaking and producing educational media about sexual trauma and healing for over a decade. Aredvi is the Co-Executive Director of The HEAL Project. For bio, resume, & promotional photos go here.

Scout Panagacos (they/she)

is a queer pixie, lover of sensual pleasure, and settler on Coast Salish Land in Seattle, Wa. They are a non-monogamous femme who loves working with visionaries and weirdos to make beautiful and functional spaces, events, and organizations. Scout expresses love for the collective by making systems that create welcoming entry points & organizing structures that encourage belonging. Scout has worked with local and national organizations to prompt healing through combatting consumer culture and creating decentralized collective power. When they are not in the details, Scout writes about contemporary queerness, heartbreak, material resources, and how all these topics are connected.

Robin Marquis looks directly at the camera with a slight smile on their face and bouquets of flowers pour out of the back of their wheelchair. They are a light skinned white person with tattoos on their arm, silver eye shadow, and a red rose pinning their dark blonde hair away from their face.

Robin Marquis (they/them)

a disabled artist and educator, is part of a national network of thought-leaders shaping the conversation about accessibility in arts and culture while contributing to local efforts that combine creativity, education, and activism to achieve social change. They currently serve as the Accessibility and Organizational Manager for The Peale in Baltimore, MD.