Sexual Liberation Campaign

Sexual Liberation Campaign

My Sexual Liberation Story is... (1)

Do you remember a time when you felt in charge of YOUR body, advocated for YOUR sexual well-being, or claimed agency over YOUR desire?

What would it look like if you could reside in YOUR full sexual self, harness joy & pleasure, and experience YOUR liberation?  

Embracing Sexual Liberation is at the heart of our mission to prevent and end Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). We have created this campaign to give voice and space for our collective sexual liberation stories. Tell us how what sexual liberation means to you. Tell us how you came to feel sexually liberated, or what you think would need to happen for you to get there. True and fictional stories are welcome.

You may use the prompt "My Sexual Liberation Story is..."  or "Sexual liberation to me is..."

*You do NOT have to identify as a survivor to participate.

** The HEAL Project reserves the right to edit your content for publishing on our platform.


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