[ID: A graphic with a gray background. There is text that reads, “Caution Unrestricted.” On the right there is yellow paint splatter. Under this there are two cartoon images of Ignacio and Aredvi. Ignacio is a caramel skin, AFAB, gender fluid, Black-Latinx- Indigenous being. They have very short black hair. They are wearing yellow framed glasses and a white button down shirt with a white tank top underneath. They have a tattoo on their chin, starting at the bottom of their lower lip —a red strip that turns black under the chin and reaches their neck-dent. A spider is at the end of the black line inside the neck-dent. They have a chest tattoo that says “Fluid”. Aredvi Azad is a genderfluid Irani-American immigrant. They have short dark brown hair. They are wearing a septum ring. They are wearing a white button down shirt. There is a a blue and yellow honeycomb in the bottom right corner.]

Caution: Unrestricted! features conversations between Ignacio and Aredvi on breaking open sexual stigma and taboos. These are unsanitized versions of untold stories, uncomfortable thoughts, and unsavory inquiries. This series is survivor-centered yet inviting of everyone to engage with the Culture of Sexual Violence through brutal, and at times sarcastic, truth-telling.


Episode List: Youtube playlist

  • One: Fear Makes a Family
  • Two: Control Makes a Family
  • Three: Secrecy Makes a Family
  • Four: Sex Makes a Family
  • Five: Love Makes a Family



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