Caution: Unrestricted! features conversations between Ignacio and Aredvi on breaking open sexual stigma and taboos. These are unsanitized version of untold stories, uncomfortable thoughts, and unsavory inquiries. This series is meant for adult survivors who are further along in their healing journey and are ready to engage in brutal, and at times sarcastic, truth-telling.

Caution in Action! for Bad Survivors

After watching each episode, you can engage further by taking the actions outlined below and sharing on your social media. Please use the suggested hashtags and also tag us @heal2end. We are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • One: Survivors Who are In Denial
    • Action: Share your story
      • If you are a survivor with an experience of denial (either you have labeled yourself, or others have), share an insight or experience with us. 
      • Social Media Tags: #Heal2End #CautionSeries #BadSurvivors #SurvivorsinDenial
  • Two: Survivors Who Enable
    • Action: Write a statement
      • "Growing up my family was [loving/caring/mean/distant/manipulative/supportive/etc.]. [Despite/In honor of] that, I choose not to enable abusive behavior.
      • Social Media Tags: #Heal2End #CautionSeries #BadSurvivors #SurvivorsWhoEnable
  • Three: Survivors Who Like Sex Too Much
    • Action: Share your story
      • As a survivor, have your sexual desires (or lack thereof) been questioned? How did it make you feel? What do you think about the impact of survivorship on your sexual desires (or lack thereof)?
      • Social Media Tags: #Heal2End #CautionSeries #BadSurvivors #SurvivorsWhoLikeSexTooMuch
  • Four: Survivors Who Keep or Kill
    • Action: Answer a question
      • How has being a survivor impacted your experiences with pregnancy, abortion, adoption, having children, or raising children?
      • Social Media Tags: #Heal2End #CautionSeries #BadSurvivors #SurvivorsWhoKeeporKill
  • Five: Survivors Who Harm
    • Action: Share your story
      • Are you a survivor who has harmed others? If so, what was the impact of the harm you caused and what did the process of accountability look like (if any)?
      • Social Media Tags: #Heal2End #CautionSeries #BadSurvivors #SurvivorsWhoHarm

Bad Survivors CAUTION 2¢-ers (Guest Speakers)

Dr. Jaime M. Grant (she/her) is an Irish-American queer feminist racial justice writer, activist, and equity expert. Jaime is the author of Great Sex: Mapping Your Desire and the host of Just Sex Podcast. Website

Emanuel H. Brown (he/him) is the Executive Director and Steward at Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom. Emanuel brings humor, embodiment and keen political analysis to the audience. IG @emanuelhbrown

Intimacy ConAmore (they/them) is a multiracial Two-Spirit Native American Black person who is polyamorous, kinky, and Bisexual/Pansexual. Intimacy is into unfiltered authenticity of self and uninhibited connectivity with others. Instagram @polyfreelove

edxi (she/they) is a trans Afro Indigenous cultural worker, writer and community organizer who creates counter narrative, participates in mutual aid work and political education. Twitter @bettsurevolt

Alisa Zipursky (she/her) is the founder of where she writes about healing from childhood sexual abuse with a community of 80,000 survivors. It's funnier than you'd think. Instagram @alisazipursky

Bamby Salcedo (she/her) is the President and CEO of the TransLatin@ Coalition, and an internationally known activist, advocate, community organizer and social justice advocate and professional. Instagram @labamby


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