Just Healing

Just Healing

[ID: A white graphic with text that reads, “Be the first to join 4 weeks of radical healing, Just Healing 101, Relearn, Recover, Rebuild, A comprehensive training on the Rivera-Azad Secksual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM). ” On the right side of the graphic, there is a simplified icon of the RASHIM model. In addition, there are images of Ignacio and Aredvi with their names underneath, respectively. Ignacio is a caramel skin, AFAB, gender fluid, Black-Latinx- Indigenous being. They have very short dark brown hair. They are wearing a red and black dress with a diagonal line pattern. They have red colored glasses and dark brown eyes. They have a septum piercing and nose ring on the right side. They have a tattoo on their chin, starting at the bottom of their lower lip —a red strip that turns black under the chin and reaches their neck-dent. A spider is at the end of the black line inside the neck-dent. They have a chest tattoo that says “Fluid” and several other arm and finger tattoos. Aredvi is queer and gender-fluid Iranian American. They have short dark brown curly hair. They have a brown mole on their right cheek and have full lips. They are wearing a very short beard. They have a grey jacket on and are standing against a blurred background with a large house plant.]

JUST HEALING is a comprehensive training on the Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM). A healing-focused program, this training encourages participants to unlearn underlying assumptions about themselves and their relationships, to heal the wounds of sexual violence and relational trauma, and to create a new intersectional framework for navigating the world of sex and sexuality. 

While Just Healing welcomes survivors and non-survivors alike, this space is especially well-suited for marginalized survivors including male/masculine+ survivors, queer/trans survivors, and survivors who otherwise struggle to find comprehensive healing support through mainstream channels.

Is JUST HEALING right for you?

  • Are you tired of therapists, books, and workshops that talk around sex, but never directly tackle shame-free and empowering sexual healing?
    At Just Healing, we don't shy away from talking about the entire spectrum of sex and sexuality. We believe every one of us benefits from sexual healing, because we all live and breathe the Culture of Sexual Violence. You don't have to have sex or be sexually active to deeply benefit from the work of sexual healing.
  • Are you ready to examine your upbringing and work on your healing & growth in a small group with the help of expert facilitators?
    Each cohort is carefully selected to help individuals focus on their personal healing while processing difficult feelings within a safe container with many resources available. Be prepared to be challenged, and also be prepared to be seen and heard!
  • Are you wondering what it feels like to integrate sexual healing into your everyday life, build strong nourishing relationships, and feel like you belong doing it?
    Just Healing is a program built on relational skills. Providing many tools and practice, we encourage ongoing engagement with the connection skills that create harmonious (a)sexual and (a)romantic relationships. 
JUST HEALING proudly welcomes folks from many spectrums of gender, sexuality, & relationshiP including ace/aro, queer/trans, kink/BDSM, poly/non-monogamy.

Themes & Topics

  • Introduction to Sexual Healing
  • Working with The Cycle of Healing
  • Exploring Curiosity & Inquiry
  • Fostering Intuition in Sex & Relationships
  • Unpacking Fantasy & Desire
  • Setting Boundaries for Well-being
  • Unleashing the Power of Masturbation & Body Exploration
  • Practicing Accountability
  • Unlocking Power & Oppression
  • Revisiting Health & Reproduction
  • Demystifying & Developing Trust 
  • Untangling Sex & Pleasure
  • Anchoring in Authenticity
  • Unboxing Identity & Behavior
  • Claiming Agency & Autonomy
  • Crafting a Path to Liberation 
  • Challenging Roles & Power Dynamics
  • Engaging Vulnerability
  • Understanding Kink & Fetish
  • Leaning into Fun & Playfulness
  • Accessing Spirituality & Transcendence
  • Settling into Presence & Groundedness
  • Community Share, Visioning, and more.

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