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Just Healing (2)

JUST HEALING TRAINING is a comprehensive professional training on the Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM). A healing-focused program, this training encourages participants to unlearn underlying assumptions about sex and relationships, to heal the wounds of sexual violence and relational trauma, and to create a new intersectional framework for navigating the world of sex and sexuality. 

**If interested in Just Healing Retreat (the community healing program), please visit heal2end.org/retreat

Themes & Topics

Offered in Just Healing 101, 201, and 301. CEU credit and certificate of completion are provided for graduates.  

  • Introduction to Sexual Healing
  • Working with The Cycle of Healing
  • Exploring Curiosity & Inquiry
  • Fostering Intuition in Sex & Relationships
  • Unpacking Fantasy & Desire
  • Setting Boundaries for Well-being
  • Unleashing the Power of Masturbation & Body Exploration
  • Practicing Accountability
  • Unlocking Power & Oppression
  • Revisiting Health & Reproduction
  • Demystifying & Developing Trust 
  • Untangling Sex & Pleasure
  • Anchoring in Authenticity
  • Unboxing Identity & Behavior
  • Claiming Agency & Autonomy
  • Crafting a Path to Liberation 
  • Challenging Roles & Power Dynamics
  • Engaging Vulnerability
  • Understanding Kink & Fetish
  • Leaning into Fun & Playfulness
  • Accessing Spirituality & Transcendence
  • Settling into Presence & Groundedness
  • Community Share, Visioning, and more.




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