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Media Arts Specialist Job Description


The HEAL Project is looking for a Media Arts Specialist to help us produce audio/visual media. Moderate to advanced experience with audio and video production work and access to tools and software is required. 

At the HEAL Project, we work to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse (CSA) through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation. We are fiscally sponsored through the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity, Inc. This position is remote, up to 10 hours a week (with potential to increase hours), contract-based, and interactions will be online.  

Application deadline is December 20, 2020. Please read below and click on the button to fill out the application form. 


  • Producing high quality media arts material including audio, video, and animated pieces . This includes pre and post production work on webinars, workshops, live videos, etc.  
  • Offering creative suggestions for our ongoing media projects and video series such as Connecting The Dots, Caution: Unrestricted!, Skillshare, and The Sexual Liberation Campaign.
  • Helping manage online distribution, marketing, and sales of media content.
  • Researching and making recommendations for creating media that is impactful in the field of sexual violence prevention. 
  • Consulting on branding and marketing material for our media projects.
  • Working closely with The HEAL team and our collaborating partners to produce engaging media material.

Who You Are 

  • You have been doing A/V production work for at least two years, and are experienced in video/audio editing, online content management, design and marketing, and some animation. 
  • You engage in direct, effective, and timely communication. You give feedback and receive feedback well. 
  • You have a realistic understanding of your capacity to take on the responsibilities outlined above.
  • You are willing to be held accountable and hold others accountable. 
  • You are self-motivated, a problem-solver, and pay close attention to details. 
  • You have a working knowledge of most of these issues: movement building, sexual violence, trauma and healing, CSA prevention, comprehensive sex education, parenting and family, youth advocacy, transformative justice, and sexual liberation. 


  • You can upload your resume and include links to portfolio in the application form below. We will contact everybody who sends a completed application. Rate starting at $27/hour based on experience for up to 10 hours of work per week with potential to increase hours. Flexible weekday availability and occcasional weekend availability is required. 



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