Thank you for filling out our online survey for Community Coaching. Based on the survey results, we are going to be offering the first session on Wednesday, June 3 at 6pm EST.

The majority of folks indicated that $15 per session was affordable for them. We are limiting the number of participants to 50, and ask that you send us at least one question when you register. Make sure you reserve your spot today!

As a reminder, Community Coaching is an initiative by The HEAL Project to make coaching accessible to more people. The hour-long sessions are an opportunity for learning more about our coaching style, gaining experience with sexuality coaching, and supporting our Affordable Coaching Fund for sliding scale private sessions.

Meet the Coaches

Ignacio Rivera offers a peer-driven, sexual healing practice that uses earth-based spirituality, and nature therapy. Coaching is open to all and centers LGBTQI/BIPOC and survivors of sexual trauma in their sexual healing. Ignacio uses peer support, utilizes ritual practices, manifestation work, storytelling, and suggested take-away-tasks to help facilitate the road to healing.

Ignacio Rivera

Aredvi Azad offers sex and relationship coaching with a focus on finding dysfunctional patterns and replacing them with new ones that actually work for you. Aredvi is interested in childhood trauma and its impact on adult relationships of all kinds. Effective communication skills, habit building skills, and boundary setting skills are at the core of Aredvi's practice. Aredvi believes that there is path from trauma to healing and liberation for everyone.

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